If you’re looking for more customised support tailored to your needs, I offer one-on-one coaching designed to improve your practice and move your Art career to the next level.


Initial Consultation


(90 mins)

Initial one-on-one consultations are essential as this allows me to get to know you and fully understand your needs. Many Artists find that just one consultation is all they need to gain understanding, motivation and clear focus in order to move in the right direction.

You will receive:

  • An online questionnaire prior to your session

  • 60 minute online meeting

  • Establish main challenges and areas of focus

  • A personalised action plan emailed to you after the session

  • A personalised Pinterest board created for you with Artists and images designed to inspire you

  • Suggested further reading (if applicable)

  • Further learning resources (if applicable)


Follow Up Consultation


(60 mins)

This service is for Artists who have received an Initial Consultation. Follow Up Consultations are recommended 1 -3 months after an Initial Consultation. You may book as many consultations as you wish.

You will receive:

  • 60 minute meeting in person or online

  • Objective feedback on work completed so far

  • A new action plan emailed to you after the session

  • Suggested further reading (if applicable)

  • Further learning resources (if applicable)


Why Choose Art Coaching?

How Does The Process Work?
Your first session with me should be an Initial Consultation after which you may book Follow Up Consultations. Before your first session you will be sent an online questionnaire to fill at least 1 week prior to our meeting to give me time review the material and request additional information if required. We will then meet in person or online to discuss your specific situation, challenges and goals. I offer advice and follow up with a document that recaps issues discussed, outlines action items and lists suggested artists and resources. I will also create a Pinterest board for you complete with images that I think you will draw inspiration from and aide your progress.

How Long Does It Take?
Each Consultations usually last around 60 minutes and I conduct individual, customised research for each artist before our call. After your consultation you will be emailed a follow up document up to 2 weeks later ( but usually only 2 days following our meeting).

What Do I Get For My Time & Money?
A successful Art career is a mix of ability, passion and hard work. I will use my background in Art History and my 15 years teaching experience alongside my own experience as a practicing Artist so that you walk away from each consultation with solid, realistic, advice and feedback based on your situation, issued to you in a clear-cut document.

Is It Right For Me?
Art Consultation is designed for emerging to mid-career artists who have specific questions, concerns or issues and/or are just feeling a bit stuck or lost as to next steps. Those who are willing to do the research and work, and are open to constructive feedback, advice and criticism, are the best candidates to enjoy, and benefit from, the experience.

I’m Ready! How Do I Sign Up?
Simply book a consultation using the link above. If the available appointments do not suit your schedule please contact me and I will be happy to arrange another time more convenient for you, You can book as many or as few sessions over any period of time that’s appropriate for you but you must start with an Initial Consultation..

When I was introduced to your work I immediately knew I was in the right place. It is breathtaking, and what a font of knowledge you are!

Thank you so much for your guidance today....and the Pinterest board! The illustrations on the board gave me new inspiration.

Our session gave me so much to think about and moved me along quicker than I would have on my own.
— Sue
Had a wonderful consultation this morning. I’ve been feeling quite stuck in my Art for about a year now and needed to talk to someone to help move me forward. I can’t recommend Anna enough, she is so easy to talk to, and just answering her questions in the initial part of the process really got the creative cogwheels in my mind whirring. I sat down at my desk this afternoon and tried some exercises she recommended during our talk. I’m feeling much more positive and so much more motivated.
— Christina
When I approached Anna about coaching, my mind was a jumble of things. She helped me begin to untangle it all with empathy, clarity, experience, and humour. Despite my initial trepidation at laying out all my fears in front of a relative stranger, Anna was so approachable and easy to talk to, my worries soon melted away. From the pre-consultation questions to the resulting action plan, I can’t recommend Anna highly enough.
— Magdalena