Just wanted to say how thrilled I am with my new artwork and a huge thank you to your husband for hanging the piece, as well as two others, which was so generous and kind of him.
— Chris
This is my first ever purchase of a piece of art, the sense of space and lightness, sureness of the lines and quiet elegance and confidence of your work really inspired me. I felt owning this would somehow improve my life.
— Aya
After seeing you at the Urban Art Fair in Herne Hill, I have been thinking about your work. The silence, the space , the meditation resonated, Suffice to say the pieces I particularly like on your shop page are all sold.
— Pat
Your artworks are really interesting, especially your technique, where you can see the harmony between the light and the shadow and the zen line of your painting. Your artworks convey peace and calm in a very elegant and deep way.
— Cristina Merino, VAN GOGH Art Gallery, Madrid.
I feel deeply engaged with what you are doing. I find such total peace and stillness in your paintings.
— Isobel
Your work means alot to me as it is about Japanese Philosphy. The space between the chaos, the ‘nothing’ almost.
— Yvonne
[Breath Modified III] felt such a relaxing piece and after coming out of work yesterday felt I could have really done with it in my office.
— Oli
Got home to an absolutely unique and wonderful new piece of art on the wall and it sits beautifully.
— Tamara