My Minimalist work serves as an inquiry into the power of negative space and the Zen philosophy of ‘Ma’, which translates as ‘gap’ or ‘pause’. The starting point is usually something observed in nature or a memory which I then distilled down to the visually essential.  The less there is on the page the more I notice the beauty of marks and qualities in the materials. My gestural marks reveal my love of Abstract Expressionism, graphic design and Japanese aesthetics, each mark symbolising the flux of energies. Each composition investigates the play between force and subtlety, intuition and consciousness with the aim being to create a sense of equilibrium. I often observe shadows as this process acts as a kind of meditation. The contemplation of variation in tone feels like a visual form of breathing.  It is this sense of tranquillity interspersed with surges of energy that I aim to convey in my work.

I studied at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, UK graduating in 1998 with a BA (Hons) in Art History.

I currently live and work in London and have been teaching Art in a large comprehensive secondary school since 2004.