Last week I wrote about rejection, how it feels and I how I manage these feelings, all the while with a quiet confidence that the upside of these knock backs will soon be revealed to me.

Those rejections. The one that means I am not currently preparing for an Art fair. The one that means I will not have to attend a private view. The one that means my work will not be made into limited edition prints, have left me with time and space,

Space has been something I have been exploring in my life for years before it emerges in my Art. This idea that the more I remove, the more I select and curate the more that beauty is revealed. Beauty that is offered up in subtle, tiny measures feels more precious to me, rather than visual richness in abundance does. This week I have return to my studio and begun exploring this idea with more understanding and focus. The thing is, when I have a deadline, work I must make, the focus becomes more about the production of work rather than exploration and growth.

Just like the flowers in my garden, that inspire much of my work, we must firm prune and cut back what is not necessary to leave space for new growth.